I just sat there and thought to myself "Shieeeeet, I need a website that would allow me to look for airports with given weather because I like flying with real weather but I also like to choose my weather!!11!!11!". So I made one.


Marek Wójcikowski
Me - the guy who made most bits here. I'm from Wrocław, Poland. I'm a web application backend programmer. I also like flying in X-Plane, especially on arliners (big and small).
Szymon Sztajer
The guy who also made some bits here. Mastah coder.

Wanna help?

It's a hobby project of mine. If you'd like to help, feel free to leave a small donation here:

This will keep the website running or maybe even buy me a beer!

Other stuff

DO NOT, by any chance, use this website for real flight or navigation! It is meant to be used for virtual flight simulation only. Data provided here is not guaranteed to be accurate.

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METAR data is provided by NOAA.

Geographical data about airports is provided by OpenStreetMap.org Nominatim accordingly with their policy.

BTW, checkout fly uk, a great virtual airline which I highly recommend!


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