What is METAR search?

It's a website that allows you to find airports with given weather conditions.

Typically, you'd look for weather at a given airport, there are many websites that allow it. Here, while that is also possible, the main way to use the site is the opposite - you look for airports with a certain weather. For example, you can find at which British airports it's currently raining.

DO NOT, by any chance, use this website for real flight or navigation! It is meant to be used for virtual flight simulation only. Data provided here is not guaranteed to be accurate.

How to use the search box?

There are five main types of things you can write in the search box:

For numeric constraints you can define minimum value, maximum value or exact value. The syntax is constraint-name:min-value:max-value or constraint-name:exact-value. Additionally, min or max value cen be left out as empty.

For example:

All available keywords and constraints are listed below. You can combine them in any order. The search results will fulfill all the conditions.

METAR parts and keywords

Other keywords

Available numeric constraint keywords

Numerical constraint units

In the future it will be possible to use custom units.

More search box examples